Nobel Prize in Medicine 2 names of American scientists

The Nobel Prize in Medicine has been announced to be awarded jointly to two American scientists.

The 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was jointly won by two American scientists, David Julius and Ardim Patapotim.

Both medical scientists were awarded the prize for their research on the nervous system related to temperature in the human body.

According to the Nobel Prize Committee, these scientists have explained in their research how heat, cold and touch can send signals to our nervous system. Identified ion channels are important for many physiological processes and disease conditions. Are

These Nobel Prize-winning scientists have discovered how our bodies feel the heat of sunlight or the feeling of a loved one embracing us.

Scientists have worked on how our bodies convert physical sensitivities within the nervous system into electrical messages. Scientists say the results of this research could lead to new ways to treat pain. ۔


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