Home Sports Noah Lyles, defeated in a 100 … by a high school athlete

Noah Lyles, defeated in a 100 … by a high school athlete

Noah Lyles, defeated in a 100 ... by a high school athlete

His name is Issamade Asinga, he is 18 years old (December 29, 2004) and qualifying him as a diamond in the rough would perhaps be an understatement. Still in the ‘High School’, on April 24 the sprinter from the Montverde Academy has revolutionized athletics in North America, and therefore in the world, with a demonstration within the reach of a select few by defeating in the 100 meters of the PURE Athletics Spring Invitational, in Clermont (Florida), an entire double world champion (Doha and Oregon) and Olympic bronze (Tokyo) as Noah Lyles. The mighty sprinter from Gainesville (25 years old) was surpassed despite crossing the finish line in 9.92, but it is that Asinga he flew to sign 9.83, the best record achieved by a high school athlete in all of United States history.

A tailwind of 2.6 prevents the brand from being homologated, but the performance of the whirlwind has impacted everyone… including Lyles himself, who recently announced that he will attempt the double in 100 and 200 at the Budapest World Championships in August. Greetings to Issam. I can definitely envision us competing in the future in the big championships if you keep improving. Surely you can get that high school record soon with legal wind, ”he wrote on networks. The most impressive thing about Asinga is that in the morning heats he had already run at 9.86 (also with illegal wind).

Issamade Asinga

However, Asinga’s performance is not surprising to those who follow him closely as in March he already equaled the high school record of 60 meters (6.59) and broke the record of 200 (20.48). As reported by ‘World Track’, Issamade started 2023 with 10.44 in 100 meters, so his progress is stratospheric since in addition to the 9.83 and 9.86 mentioned, signed last month 10.10 (March 31) with permitted wind (+1.0) and, therefore, approved.

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