Almost every Dutch club has been startled by corona cases within the selection in recent weeks, but Jan de Jong expects all nine matches to continue this weekend.

“Clubs are eager to start again,” says the director of the Eredivisie CV. “With the knowledge of now I would say that every club could play next weekend.”

The guidelines are strict, but clear. According to De Jong, clubs know exactly where they stand and are comfortable with the corona protocol.

“Everyone benefits from playing as much as possible and as quickly as possible and to simply continue the competition,” continues De Jong, who expects the clubs to take their responsibility. “With the game schedule in place now, I don’t think anyone would benefit from cheating.”


After all, why would a club doctor throw away his reputation, De Jong wonders aloud. It seems tempting to request a postponement if several key players are unavailable due to corona infections.

Only if less than twelve players and a goalkeeper of the 25 most used selection players are available, can a postponement be requested. And that also applies if there is an acute corona outbreak.

“I think it is not really susceptible to fraud. A club doctor has taken an oath and then he should commit fraud,” says De Jong, who was also informed that Ajax did not take the rules very closely. “Ajax has been held accountable for that. No one is above the law. Not football, not Ajax, not a single club.”

In the run-up to a new press conference, De Jong has asked the House of Representatives to offer football perspective again, for example by promising matches with the public.

“It was a good, hopeful and constructive conversation,” said De Jong, who expects empty stadiums in the coming weeks. “But if football has shown one thing over the past two years, it is that it is willing to adapt to the new circumstances.”

“Please let football be part of the solution and see if we can get back to the stadium safely. We think we can do that responsibly.”


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