No Way Home: When the characters [SPOILERS] did they sign?

Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, the writers of Spider-Man: No Way Home, revealed that the surprise characters only signed halfway through filming. Spider-Man: No Way Home is the third installment in the MCU trilogy, which features Tom holland in the role of the spider-man. The hype around No Way Home has been astronomical, beyond the returning actors, as Marisa Tomei and Zendaya, trailers revealed returning characters from previous franchises Spiderman. Alfred Molina, who played Dr Otto Octavious / Doc Ock, and Willem Dafoe, who played Norman Osborn / Green Goblin, both reprized their characters, which they initially touched on in the movies Spiderman of Sam raimi next to Tobey Maguire. In addition, the villains ofAndrew Garfield were also revealed in the trailer, along with Lizard and Electro from Jamie Foxx.

While the trailers have revealed the return of many villains following Peter and Doctor Strange’s attempt to erase Spider-Man’s identity from the memory of the world, the return of several other characters has been the subject of rumors, especially that of Tobey Maguire and D’Andrew Garfield. The multiverse storyline presented to fans in the trailer made their appearances possible, although this was never officially confirmed until the film’s release. Once the film hit theaters, these rumors were confirmed by Marvel, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield both appearing for much of the film. The final of Spider-Man: No Way Home sees the Three Spider-Men face off against five villains in one of the most overwhelming films in Marvel movie history. Yet it would seem that Maguire and Garfield only signed once production was underway.

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In an interview with THR, the writers revealed that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield did not sign before Spider-Man: No Way Home is already halfway through its filming schedule. No Way Home started production in October 2020, although the overall idea for the film is grand, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield did not officially sign until December 2020. The writers had to write as if they already had the actors, even if nothing had been done yet, McKenna also declares that “all you can do is is to act like we have everyone we want and let the powers that be contact those people to see if this can really become a reality. Fortunately, our Spider-Man has joined No Way Home, and the plan came to fruition to the delight of writers and viewers around the world.

With all the rumors around Spider-Man: No Way Home, public expectations have gone through the roof. However, it looks like the film has managed to meet those expectations, as it is currently one of the MCU’s and Spider-Man’s top-rated films by critics and audiences alike. No Way Home also broke the billion dollar mark at the global box office after just 12 days of release. While the film has a tragic, albeit fitting, ending, the doors are wide open for another sequel or even more fan-service-tuned ending. The wish of the internet is now to see Andrew Garfield conclude his trilogy via The Amazing Spider-Man 3, the possibility of which is clearly viable.

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