No Way Home: A reference to the Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds) was not kept in the film

As we know, before a feature film, the various conceptual artists of the associated projects go out of their way to deliver some sequences that – Finally – will not be maintained in the choices of the directors. Spider-Man: There’s no way back home is no exception to the rule despite his immense success and his $1.916 billion at the global box office. Among the unpreserved return of Mysterythe alternative costumes for the Doctor Octopus and the Green tuft or fragments of scenes shot but not included in the final cut, There is no way to go home it could have been a very different film than what we saw in theaters.

One of the concept art could have been just as captivating to audiences since it was shown Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) on the glider of the Green tuft in what appears to be a reference to Leprechaun. From there to imply the return of him as a big bad for a spider man 4 ?

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