No, they are not human eyes. They’re not stars either

They look like exploding stars or detailed photographs of the human iris. In fact, it’s the artwork of a photographer who was inspired by the puddles of water on the road when oil falls on them.

This series of images is part of a project called oil spill (oil spill) in which the Swiss artist Fabian Oefner explore iridescence. To achieve these designs, Oefner poured water into a black container and then, with the help of a syringe, placed drops of oil on the surface of the water. When it comes in contact with water, the oil begins to expand and form unique configurations that you capture with your camera.

The different colors result from the reflection and refraction of light as it passes through the oil film and back into the camera lens. Depending on the thickness of the oil film, the colors change from blue, green to red, until they finally disappear again.

“What I like about the show is that it’s a very simple phenomenon, but surprisingly magical and beautiful,” explains Oefner.

At just 25 years old, Oefner was already one of Leica’s top artists and at 29 he created his own studio.

crown, dawn Y nebula, are some of Oefner’s other projects, all visible in their website.

Artist image Fabian Oefner

Artist image Fabian Oefner

Artist image Fabian Oefner

Artist image Fabian Oefner

Artist image Fabian Oefner

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