If you are also bothered by tears while chopping onions, then very soon an onion is being introduced which will not let your tears come out.

Foreign news agencies According to, for the first time in the world, an onion has been prepared which will not let your tears come out.

According to the report, onions have been prepared for sale in the UK “without tears”.

It was further stated that this type of onion ‘Sunnis’ will be available in selected stores from next week, about which their seller claims that it does not cause tears in the eyes.

According to the brand, which was launched in the United States, it took them more than 30 years to grow this onion so that they could find a variety that does not emit vapors that cause tears in the eyes when cut.

Initially, the price of a packet of 3 sunny onions has been fixed at 1.5.

According to the report, the company claims that this onion has not been genetically modified but has been bred and the taste of sunny onion is different from normal onion.

It should be noted that the Sunnis are already being sold in the United States, but they have not been accepted globally.

A 2018 review in the Washington Post states that these onions are too sweet and have no smell as well as taste.



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