Raghav Juyal, host of the famous TV show Dance Plus, highly praises Shakti Mohan in front of the camera. How much he likes Shakti Mohan, he reads the ballads about it, but the truth is something else. Raghav Juyal is not a fan of Shakti but a foreign girl. There is news that Raghav Juyal is dating a Swedish girl. Raghav Juyal has never let anything about their relationship come out, but now reports have surfaced that Raghav Juyal has been found to be secretly dating a Swedish girl.

The name of the person Raghav Juyal is dating is reportedly Sara Arrhusis. Raghav (Raghav Juyal gf) and Sara have been dating since 2018. Sara has also come to India many times. If reports are to be believed, they both live as a happy couple, often photos of both of them also go viral on social media (Raghav Juyal Girlfriend Photo).

We inform that Raghav Juyal has not yet made any official announcement regarding his love life. Even Sara has not shared any social media posts where she has mentioned her boyfriend Raghav. Raghav Juyal and Sara reportedly met while hiking in 2018. Raghav and Sara met while traveling in India itself. It was during the walk that Raghav and Sara became friends and later became very close.



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