Everyone has a love story that is different and very special in itself. Today we are going to tell you a very interesting love story in which the boy took advantage of the rise in the price of gasoline and took the girl to the wedding pavilion. No romantic dinner and no frills … In a very spectacular way, this boy impressed Hasina by taking her in the car. You have hardly been able to believe until now that after all, even with the help of gasoline, one can impress a girl.

We don’t say it like that, but Dulhania herself has lifted the veil with this interesting love story. The bride preparing for marriage was seen introducing her friends to her love story. The video of this girlfriend is becoming more and more viral on social media.

In the video that appeared, it can be seen that the girlfriend says that before fighting with her, she asked for the address and then talked about giving her a ride. This very sweet love story starts from here. The series continued and meanwhile their love blossomed and they both decided to get married. In this video that appeared, you can see that Dulhania is narrating her love story in the style of a masquerade and says that she had used so much gasoline that also when gasoline is getting so expensive. In such a situation, she was impressed to marry this boy. Not only this, the bride even gave her boyfriend the bania type, that is, miserly man.

Everyone is losing heart to this bride’s style after watching this video. In this viral video you can see that the bride wears a reddish pair and is completely ready for the wedding rituals. Along with this, if we talk about the look of this bride, she made her ruddy partner even more fabulous with the belt look. Along with this, everyone’s eyes are on the beauty of this in-demand tika and big nath bride.



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