No primary at LR, death of a French soldier in Mali … informed on Saturday, September 25, 2021

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The themes

The vote of the members of the Republicans: the LR party will designate its presidential candidate by a vote of their only members, in a two-round congress. No primary, is it the decision of wisdom?

The death of a French soldier in Mali: should it accelerate the departure of French forces from the Sahel?

The displacement of drug addicts addicted to crack: Is the construction of a wall between Paris and the Seine St Denis a good answer to the problem?

Federal elections in Germany: should we envy the political system across the Rhine, with its proportional system which requires the constitution of coalitions, with its election of the chancellor by the parliament?


Virginie Le Guay, political columnist

Sophie de Menthon, president of the Ethic movement, columnist for Free Midi, Chatter & Atlantico

Frédéric Roy, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief of CB News

Seze Carbon, lawyer at the Paris staff

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