No one is helping us like Turkey: Syrian woman’s plea

Aleppo: The cry of a Syrian woman has come to light due to the delay in aid work in Syria, the woman has cried and appealed for help from all over the world.

According to the details, a distressed Syrian woman has appealed for help from all over the world in the video and said that all the aid is going to Turkey, but no one is helping us after the earthquake.

In the video, the woman said that there is already no water, electricity or gas in the war-torn area for 7 years, while there is also a severe shortage of essential commodities.

The woman said that not a single person has helped her after the earthquake. Expressing regret over the earthquake in Turkey, the girl said that we should also be helped.

Doomsday earthquake in Turkey and Syria: The death toll has not stopped, the number has exceeded 25 thousand.

It should be clear that CCN Analysts have warned that Syrian victims of the devastating earthquake could become hostages to the politics that have divided Syria for more than a decade, the UN said in a report. Analysts have expressed fear that Syria will not be left behind in terms of international aid.

Turkey has reportedly received support and aid from dozens of countries, but access to Syria has been less enthusiastic, raising concerns that Syrian victims may be neglected.

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