Nitrophone 1: Meet the World’s Most Secure Android Smartphone

The German company Nitrokey introduced what it calls the most secure Android smartphone in the world. It’s called Nitrophone 1 and its target audience is the most concerned about their security and that of their data.

The premise of Nitrophone 1 is simple: offer security and privacy to all its users. To do this, it uses the GrapheneOS operating system, thus obtaining the approval of security expert Edward Snowden.

Nitrophone 1

Nitrophone 1 is a Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS installed

The design of this Nitrophone 1 will not be new to connoisseurs of the mobile market. This is because the new team is based on the Pixel 4a, a mid-range smartphone launched by Google in 2020.

In that sense, the Nitrophone 1’s specs are familiar too. We have a 5.81-inch screen with Full-HD + resolution, the Snapdragon 730G processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a 12.2MP rear camera.

What really distinguishes this device from the one launched by Google is its software. Instead of coming with Android installed, Nitrophone 1 comes with GrapheneOS. For Snowden, this is the operating system to use if you want to set up a smartphone in private.

Nitrophone 1 does not have Google services

The popular Google applications and services are not present, by default, in Nitrohpone 1. It is one of the requirements established by the German company to give more privacy to its users.

Nitrophone 1

However, they will be able to install the Google applications later if they wish. One more proof of the control that Nitrokey wants to transfer to the hands of its users.

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All applications installed on the Nitrophone 1 will be in a “sandbox”, isolating them from the outside and from their malicious companions. This is intended to protect the user from possible attacks and malware that could compromise user data.

The Nitrophone 1 also features Google’s Titan M chip, boot change verification, firewall data tracking protection, and camera and microphone usage indicators. Options that are sure to please those who care most about their privacy.

If you are interested in purchasing the Nitrophone 1, you can do so through the official website of the brand. The smartphone retails for € 630, a bit of a stretch for a smartphone considered mid-range.

However, the Nitrophone 1’s purpose is user privacy, offering options that very few currently offer. It will be a niche team and anyone who really wants it won’t mind paying the asking price.

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