Nintendo Switch unseats PlayStation 5

For several years, the consoles and video games have become the kings of the Christmas period, since digital entertainment is in very good health, and the number of followers, large and small, does not stop growing. However, The great video game industry is no exception to the current macroeconomic situation, and inflation, together with problems in the supply chain, has caused changes in the podium of the most successful models. According to the latest study prepared by the price comparator, Nintendo Switch is the console most sought after by Spanish gamers (67%), greatly surpassing its immediate rival, the Sony PlayStation 5 (24%).

It’s the second Christmas for the model from Sony, which continues to suffer from serious stock problems, which has made it a product that is practically impossible to obtain in storesforcing the majority of users to sign up for waiting lists to get a copy of the console that has historically led sales in our country. This situation has made the PlayStation 5 a highly valued item, increasing its original starting price by more than 200 euros., which in European markets was around €500, and currently stands at more than €750, according to data from the price comparator. For its part, the Microsoft console, the Xbox, achieves 9% of searches, falling behind its most direct rival PlayStation.

As for video games, the Undisputed king for another year is the FIFA 23 soccer simulator, who leads the top as the great favorite. The second most desired game this Christmas is God of War Ragnarök, exclusive to PS5, and which achieved second place at the Game Of The YearAwards gala at the beginning of the month, the Oscars of the video game industry. The latest edition of the classic shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II completes the most wanted video game podium. For his part, Elden Ring, the game of the year for critics and journalistsbarely achieved a 17th place in the ranking of video games most desired by the Spanish in this Christmas period.

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It’s not a children’s thing: the x-ray of the Spanish gamer

According to the analysis of, The profile of the Spanish gamer has evolved in recent years. And it is that the users most interested in videogames are men between 35 and 44 years of age, precisely the generations that began in this type of entertainment a couple of decades ago, when the sector lived its particular golden age in the Spanish market. There are also notable gender differences when choosing a console. Nintendo Switch starts as the most sought after console among womenwith figures very similar to those of men, while PlayStation and Xbox are video consoles that attract more male audiences this year.

Like every year, video games and consoles are one of the most desired products among Spaniards. However, this Christmas the impact of inflation and the trend of users towards savings and cheaper options is especially noticeable. Comparators like allow consumers to find those most sought-after products in a simple way and always obtain the most adjusted price and according to their needs.

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