Nintendo Switch OLED: two packs at advantageous prices to grab at Cdiscount

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be officially available this Friday, October 8. If you want to buy Nintendo’s new portable console with an accessory or a game at a reduced price, you can do so thanks to these good deals that Cdiscount offers. Two packs are to be entered on the e-merchant’s site.

Only a few hours before the official release in France of the Nintendo Switch OLED. If you have not yet pre-ordered it, you can now take advantage of a good Cdiscount plan that allows you to buy it as a pack, with a transport case and screen protection or with the highly anticipated Metroid Dread at a good price.

OLED switch: the console available in packs at Cdiscount

The console pack with the carrying case as well as the screen protection is displayed at 349.99 €. This accessory pack is usually sold for € 19.99 but in this specific case, it is as if it were offered since the price of the console alone is € 349.99. The latter also has a compartment to accommodate up to five Nintendo Switch game cards and two Joy-Con straps. The pocket can also be used as a support for the console.

The second pack includes the OLED switch with Metroid Dread game (usually sold alone at € 49.99). It is only available in the white color of the console at € 369.99. Rather interesting since in separate purchase, the whole comes to € 399.98. A saving of 30 euros therefore.

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Metroid Dread Also coming out this October 8, you follow the adventures of bounty hunter Samus Aran as she tries to escape a deadly planet haunted by a mechanical threat. Samus’ story continues after the events of Metroid Fusion as she travels to the planet ZDR to investigate a mysterious transmission sent to the Galactic Federation. This remote planet is teeming with fearsome life forms and mechanical dangers.

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As for the Nintendo Switch OLED, Big N’s console stands out with its new screen. The latter exploits the OLED display technology, with more intense colors and high contrasts. The latter will allow you to enjoy an optimal gaming experience whether in portable mode or on the table. Regarding the connection part, the OLED Switch embeds two USB ports, one HDMI port in order to connect the station to a TV but also a new Ethernet port for a more stable connection when playing online in TV mode.

If the current version of the Switch had 32 GB of internal memory, the new Big N console has double that is 64 GB. Obviously, it is possible to increase it with a compatible microSD card. Finally, last thing, the Nintendo Switch OLED is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games as well as previous generation Joy-Con controllers.

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