The OLED Switch brings a lot of new features compared to the original console, including, as its name suggests, a new OLED glass screen. This is protected by a protective film that must not be removed.

On its new OLED Switch, Nintendo has swapped the old plastic LCD screen of the Switch and Switch Lite for a new, more resistant OLED glass screen. The latter is also surrounded by shiny metal, which only reinforces the general impression of quality of the machine compared to the first generation.

Although the screen is much stronger than that of the original model, Nintendo still covered it withan integrated protective screen that you must not try to take off. This is because users will not be able to tap directly on the glass screen, since Nintendo has added a ” anti-burst adhesive film Above, which he advises against removing.

If you remove the protective film from the OLED Switch, you may damage the screen

In the Nintendo Switch manual, Nintendo warns users that “ not peel off the anti-shattering adhesive film from the console’s OLED screen ”. These anti-shatter films are generally used to prevent glass from shattering if damaged, in addition to helping protect against scratches. Removing it could well cause it to burst. Even if the protective screen is already integrated, that will not prevent you from adding an additional protective screen if you are really afraid of damaging your new Nintendo Switch OLED.

It reminds us a lot of Samsung’s original Galaxy Z Fold, since the Korean giant also affixed a protective film that was ultimately an integral part of the screen. Many journalists who had not been made aware had therefore torn off one of the layers of the smartphone screen, and it would be better if the story did not happen again with the new console from Nintendo.

The screen is certainly more colorful, brighter and more durable, but Nintendo has not only improved its console. Indeed, the Korean manufacturer has also changed the design of the port cover for cartridges. Many users have therefore already found that switching games is much more complicated than before.


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