Nina Gómez will put a new book in circulation NY

Indelible History -Giants of Dominican journalism- is the title of the new work by the Dominican journalist and writer Carlos Nina Gómez and which will be released on September 1 at six in the afternoon at the premises of the Directorate of Culture Dominican Abroad that operates in the 2406 building of Amsterdam Avenue, in the county of Manhattan in this city.

The (official) information was offered yesterday by the journalist José Alduey Sierra, who is in charge of organizing and setting up the event. The well-known communicator and broadcaster Manuel Ruiz also participates in the organization.

In the book, the author makes an x-ray of dozens of Dominican journalists who practiced with quality in the decades of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and today.

In addition to highlighting the professional efficiency of reporters from the general newsroom, he cites brilliant sports journalists. That is to say, editors of the Dominican sports chronicle whom he describes as qualified due to their fine prose embodied in newspapers with national circulation.

The book has 21 chapters designed in 308 pages with a prologue written by the veteran journalist Juan Manuel García,

Nina Gómez who was motivated to present this new text in New York at the request of many people belonging to the Dominican diaspora in the New York city. The work was presented in Santo Domingo on February 24 with a massive attendance.

It will be a great act in New York

Alduey Sierra said that he is sure that “this new product of literature, produced by our dear colleague Carlos Nina Gómez, will be a great event.”

In addition to the communicators residing in the Big Apple, local Dominican personalities have been invited to the event, including the engineer Elio Jáquez, consul general of the Dominican Republic in New York, the Democratic congressman Adriano Espaillat, of Dominican origin, the director of the Directorate of Dominican Culture Abroad, as well as Javier Fuentes, one of the leaders of the Quisqueyan community in the United States.

“We assure you -said Alduey Sierra- that we are going to have a great act, as Nina Gómez has accustomed those of us who live in this great city (of New York)”.

There will also be a conference

In the middle of the act, Nina Gómez will be in charge of giving a brief conference whose “north” is to bring professional guidance to the

“The journalism of these times in the Dominican Republic” is the title of the conference in which Nina Gómez will present aspects that she considers “nodal” regarding the exercise of journalism at all levels.

“In this conference I am not trying to give journalism lectures. No way. Rather, it will be a pleasant conversation with my colleagues who live in New York, as well as compatriots from the different spheres of our diaspora,” said the veteran journalist who has experience as general editor of various newspapers in the Dominican Republic.

Nina Gómez has also worked -with a stay of more than 20 years- as a correspondent for foreign news agencies, including United Press International (UPI), from the United States, French Press Agency (AFP) and Agencia EFE, from Spain. .

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