Niko Shera, away from the competition due to a torn ligament

2023 has started with a very bad news for Niko Sherazadishvili. The Spanish judoka, two-time world champion in the -90 kilos category, has announced through his social networks that he has been He underwent successful surgery for a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. This injury will keep ‘Shera’ around six months off the mat.

“Impeccable operation. New cruciate ligament. Everything has gone well! ”, The Spaniard has commented on his social networks, in which he has published some photos of himself in the hospital. The Niko’s injury occurred at the end of December, at the Jerusalem Masters, where he was defeated in the -100kg round of 16 by the Dutchman Simeon Catharina, ended with discomfort, and went to the arrive in Spain, when they confirmed that he had a torn cruciate ligament right.

Niko proclaimed himself world champion of -90 kilos in the years 2018 and 2021. However, after falling unexpectedly at the Tokyo Olympics, the judoka changed last year to the -100 kilos category, in which march fourteenth in the world ranking. In 2022, Shera got the bronze in the European Championship in the -100kg category. After this injury, the adaptation of the Spanish judoka to his new category will be slowed down for half a year.

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