Nigeria: More than 100 dead after boat carrying Baratis capsizes

Abuja: More than 100 people drowned after a boat bringing back Baratis capsized in the African country of Nigeria.

According to the details, the local police of Nigeria say that more than a hundred people have died after the boat overturned in the Niger River. Rescue operations are ongoing after the boat accident.

State police spokesman Okasanmi Ajayi said on Tuesday that the boat capsized in the River Niger in Patigi district of Kwara state on Monday morning, killing 103 people and over 100 rescued so far, he said, adding that search and rescue efforts were underway. are still ongoing, which means the death toll is likely to rise.

Barati was returning home after attending a wedding in the village of Egboti in Niger State, the victims included women and children.

According to reports, the accident took place at 3am, leaving no one to know about the accident for several hours. Local daily Nigerian Tribune said the passengers were from Kapda, Igbo and Gakpan villages in Kwara, Al Jazeera. According to the reporter, 64 people came from one village and about 40 from another village.

It should be noted that there have been similar accidents in the past in this area, which is near the confluence of the two longest rivers in Africa, the Niger and the Benue. In May 2021, a boat sank in the Niger River near the same area. 160 people died.

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