Niger: after the coup, the question of the French presence is raised

Emmanuel Macron is presiding on Saturday, July 29, a defense council devoted to the coup d’etat in Niger, he who has already condemned in the strongest terms the military putsch, led by General Abourahamane Tchiani, who overthrew elected president Mohamed Bazoum. 1,500 French soldiers are still stationed in this African country, bordering Mali and Algeria in particular, and this coup is of particular concern to France.

>> Niger: what we know about the coup against President Mohamed Bazoum

The putsch now seems consummated, and the question of the future of relations with Niger’s partners is pending. Thursday, July 27, demonstrators chanted anti-France slogans and in the Nigerien capital, Niamey, the question of the country’s sovereignty is regularly discussed.

Skepticism regarding the French military presence does not date from the coup d’etat: well beyond pro-coup circles, residents deplore the country’s lack of sovereignty vis-à-vis the former colonial power. , which has made Niger the spearhead of its system in the Sahel. “France never considered Niger as a partner, it saw Niger as one of its overseas colonies!“, tackle Harouna, who wants to see France leave. This trader from Niamey would now like his country to strengthen itself from a diplomatic point of view.

“Nigerian youth is more than ever determined to support our defense and security forces, currently in power, to build partnership relations with any country.”

Harouna, a merchant from Niamey

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The coups in Burkina Faso and Mali give ideas

The country’s new strongman, General Tchiani, showed himself to be moderate towards Niger’s allies, but he made no secret of his desire to renew cooperation with the coup regimes in neighboring Mali and Burkina Faso. “Today we are seeing how the transitional authorities in these countries are getting close to the imperialist powers and asserting themselves as a sovereign state.“, launches Hassane, a student at the University of Niamey. He believes that from now on, Niger must be inspired by their example. Nothing indicates for the moment that the Niger of Tchiani will solicit Russia as did the Mali and Burkina Faso But for many in Niamey, this option deserves the country’s full attention.

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