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Nicolo Barella, if Frenkie de Jong leaves a lot of money at FC Barcelona

Frenkie de Jong is set to leave FC Barcelona and Barella would like to replace him

Frenkie de Jong has been a protagonist at the Blaugrana club for months. FC Barcelona would like to do without the Dutchman due to his high salary. Aside from that, The figure that can be determined for the next step would cover a high-level contract in the middle of the field. The Tulip midfielder continues to say his goal is to stay in the Blaugrana team, but he does not have Laporta’s approval. Who would want to add the Italian Barella?

Nicolo Barella is the lighthouse of Inter Milan. One of the most important players on the team. Therefore, despite his outstanding position in the Italian team, he does not go unnoticed by other European clubs.. FC Barcelona would like to strengthen the core with a top newcomer as soon as Frenkie de Jong is gone. The Italian fits much more into the culé philosophy.

De Jong FC Barcelona
De Jong has to leave money with FC Barcelona to sign Barella

De Jong has to step aside and let FC Barcelona face Barella

In fact, not only Frenkie de Jong’s journey at FC Barcelona seems to be over. If interesting offers come in for players like Gavi, the wage bill could be reduced even further and there is a great chance of signing the Italian for next season. The Dutchman doesn’t want to move from Barcelona, The reality is that the club can no longer cover his salary because they won’t agree to a cut.

Gavi is a market opportunity for the club. The performance was great after his injury. In fact, it is believed that he has more market than Pedri, who has not shown his best level in years. The Sevillian has become more permanent both in the team and in the Spanish national team. Luis Enrique, for example, would like to recruit him in Paris. That would mean they would pay a hefty amount for the young Spaniard.

He has already won everything in Italy

Apart from the salary reductions that the hiring of Barella would mean for the culé core, he would arrive with a sporting hunger. The midfielder has already become a reference in Italy and has established himself in his country. He has won everything at national level with Inter Milan. This year they will most likely conquer Serie A again as they are far superior to the rest.

On the other hand, he is also an indispensable part of the Italian team, with which he was crowned European champion in 2021. Verratti’s retirement from the national team has given him even more notoriety and it is time to leave his country in search of new challenges. The player prefers Spain because of his style of play and if there is an opportunity he will force himself to reach Barcelona.

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