Nico Williams opens the door to leaving Athletic without his brother

The youngest of the Williams speaks clearly about the moment he is going through, the World Cup in Qatar, his future in the medium and long term and the relationship he has with his older brother

Much has been said about the situation Nico Williams and your future in Athletic. It escapes no one that it is one of the most important assets in the market and that the dispute over Qatar World Cup It has only increased its market value. The footballer, with a contract at the Athletic until 2024, he has reviewed the news and has taken a very important step: disassociating himself from his brother Inaki.

“Being the little one I have always been ‘the brother of’, and it is something that is difficult to digest. I will always be proud of my brother and very grateful for everything he has done for me, but I also have to fly on my own and make my own destiny in football. With his help and that of many others, I am sure that I can achieve the goals that I have set for myself. I am young and I still have to grow a lot as a footballer”, explains a Nico Williams very confident in his possibilities.

Nico Williams
Nico Williams celebrates with his brother and Raúl García a goal against Valladolid

Nico Williams separates his future from his brother’s

These words leave behind a debate that had been generated in Bilbao. A debate that placed the renewal of Nico Williams with Athletic based on his brother Iñaki and vice versa. There was speculation that Athletic wanted to sell Iñaki and that this could affect a future renewal of his brother Nico.

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In the same way that it was said that Nico Williams himself as a condition to continue in Athletic the continuity of his brother. Nobody knows what will happen to the future of the current international with Spain. What seems clear is that what happens to his brother Iñaki will not influence the decision at all.

Nico Williams opens the door of Athletic

The fact of choosing Spain is already a sign that he is taking a different path. While Iñaki pleases his family and competes with the Ghana national team, Nico Williams finds a place for himself in Luis Enrique’s plans. The showcase that represents a World Cup have raised the interest from various clubs to sign the Athletic winger.

Nico Williams’ own representative already spoke about his renewal with Athletic. He said that they were in no hurry, that at least until 2024 they could still enjoy him in San Mamés. He gives the feeling that what he is doing around Nico Williams is opening the door for Athletic. Time will give us or take away reason.

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