Nick Jonas was seen untying Priyanka Chopra’s ponytail in a moving car, Pisci shared a cute video

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas often share photos and videos of their family time with their fans. During this, the compatibility of the couple is very liked by the fans. Now PC has shared another video. In which Nick Jonas is seen parting his ponytail in a moving car. Seeing Pissy and Nick together is very interesting for their fans. In such a situation, Nick looks very cute while he takes care of the PC. Along with this, Priyanka Chopra’s expressions are also very interesting.

Nick is often seen expressing his love for Priyanka. Now, recently, the actress has presented another glimpse of it. In fact, Pissy has shared a video of herself on her Insta account. Early on, Nick is seen looking at Priyanka’s hair with a torch. After that, he opens Pisci’s ponytail. Obviously, Priyanka must have been upset with her ponytail, which Nick seems to be pulling off. After much struggle, Nick Pisi finally manages to untie Pisi’s ponytail. During this, Pisci sometimes laughs happily and sometimes makes a strange face. Sharing the video of him, Nick Jonas wrote: “The ponytail is tricky.”

Instagrammers are loving this look from Picee’s husband, Nick. Many fans react with love to this video, while many show love for Pissy and Nick in the comment box. Commenting on this, one user wrote: ‘Oh… this is so cute.’ At the same time, another user commented: “I pray that everyone has a husband like Nick Jonas, he is a gentleman.” At the same time, a fan wrote: “he is trying to open his ponytail, so cute.”

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