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Nice: the increase in Covid-19 cases in babies worries hospitals

This was not the case in previous waves and this is concerning. At the Lenval hospital in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), ten newborns are currently hospitalized because they are sick with Covid-19. Doctors are raising the alarm.

Interviewed this Thursday, August 12 by Good MorningPhilippe Babe, deputy director of pediatric emergencies, first explains that the parents of these children are themselves positive and, for the most part, are not vaccinated.

This confirms that nowadays it is a much younger population, between 30 and 40 years old, which is affected by the Covid ”, he specified. In this context, the specialist therefore wishes to educate young parents about vaccination.

An even more urgent need, according to him, as this increase in the number of positive Covid cases is even stronger in very young newborns, less than twelve weeks old.

“When it comes to a seven- or fifteen-day-old baby, we have to support it,” he says. And to add: “a baby that has a fever, no longer moves, is not well.”

In general, however, the evolution is still “good” in most cases, “but all these are the same important limitations for a newborn,” he further clarified.

As for older children, the doctor indicates that they are generally not hospitalized, except for those who are susceptible to complications, such as diabetics.

Doctor Babe’s department has also had the case of a “big boy” (age not specified, editor’s note) “who had respiratory distress and was admitted to intensive care.”

Furthermore, beyond the evolution of the epidemic situation, difficult to assess at this stage since this fourth wave is unlike any other, the Nice doctor regrets suffering from a worrying lack of caregivers.

Many of them cannot come to work because they themselves are SARS-CoV-2 positive and are not vaccinated.

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