Nicaragua inaugurates the distance school year 2023 in rural areas

Nicaragua inaugurated this Sunday the 2023 distance school year in rural areas of the country, in schools that serve peasants who cannot attend classes from Monday to Saturday because they work in the fields.

The school course of the modalities of the field, both at the primary and secondary educational level, was inaugurated with 63,000 students in 704 schools in Nicaragua, reported the Ministry of Education.

Education in the countryside was inaugurated seven days after the opening of the general school year in Nicaragua, where more than 1.8 million were registered to study in the more than 10,000 schools and colleges in the country.

With the start of classes in rural areas, Nicaragua has pending the opening of the Technical Field Schools, scheduled for next February 3.

The educational authority of Nicaragua indicated that the peasant students received school supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, among others.

This year the general school year was marked by the prices of the items that make up the so-called “school backpack”, which in January was close to 70 dollars, close to a third of the average minimum wage, set at 192.45 dollars.

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