Nicaragua convened consultations with its ambassadors in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica

Nicaragua on Monday asked for consultations with its ambassadors in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica for what it considered accusations of “interference” and “interventionism”., after the governments of these countries criticized the arrests of opposition leaders in the Central American country. The Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, pointed out against the “constant and undeserved accusations, disrespectful, meddling, meddling and intervening in our internal affairs of the highest authorities of each of these countries. “

Reading a statement by the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry, Murillo indicated that the government of Daniel Ortega “requested consultations with the ambassadors to Argentina, Orlando Gómez; Colombia, Yara Pérez; Mexico, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez; and Costa Rica, Duilio Hernández, in reciprocity to similar calls from the mentioned governments. ” The vice president and first lady expressed their “categorical” rejection of what she described as a “caricatural imitation” of those who “have taken on roles no one has given them.”

On June 15, Mexico and Argentina expressed their “concern”, especially about “the arrest of political opposition figures”.. The two governments, which that same day abstained from voting on the OAS proposal to condemn the Ortega government, summoned their ambassadors to Nicaragua a few days later.

for your part Costa Rica froze its representative’s appointment in Managua and Colombia did the same last month amid a wave of arrests of opponents, including seven presidential candidates for the Nov. 7 election. At least 31 opposition leaders have been arrested since June, most of them for “treason” against the motherland.

Ortega, a 75-year-old former guerrilla, has been in power since 2007 after two successive re-elections. At the head of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), he aspires to remain in power for another five years along with Murillo, 70, who has been with him in the vice presidency since 2017.

The European Union (EU) sanctioned with immigration and financial restrictions Murillo, his son Juan Carlos and six other government officials for his responsibility for the “serious violations of human rights” in Nicaragua. The measure joins others taken by the United States and Canada against the rulers of Ortega, in rejection of the repression of opponents since the outbreak of anti-government demonstrations in 2018.


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