NFT searches on Google reach record high

New data shows that interest in NFTs on Google has reached all-time highs. Never before has this keyword been searched so much on the popular search engine.

New all-time high after searches fall

This data, from Google Trends, shows that interest in NFTs peaked this year. This was when Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot on the Ethereum (ETH) network became hugely popular in a short period of time.

Since then, the number of searches on Google has grown, although it was initially thought that it was just a bubble. At the end of June, the search volume fell by about 75%. Nevertheless, interest in NFTs picked up again in July, before reaching new record highs at the end of October.

Doubling in 3 months

Search volume on Google has doubled in about 3 months. The spike in interest has seen “NFT” overtake many keywords that have long dominated crypto-related search traffic, including “DeFi,” “Ethereum,” and “blockchain.”

Currently, the most search volume seems to come from China, Uganda, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. China’s search volume for ‘NFT’ peaked between September 5 and 11 this year. However, the Chinese Communist Party released a series of statements condemning NFTs on Sept. 10 through the official state media publication The People’s Daily.

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