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NFL Draft: What do the Patriots need? Forecast of selections in each round

 NFL Draft: What do the Patriots need?  Forecast of selections in each round

With the Carolina Panthers on the clock to take the top pick in tonight’s NFL Draft, teams They already have several scenarios prepared that will be discarded according to how each one of the rest of the organizations chooses.

Around 10:00 p.m. (ET), if nothing unusual happens, the New England Patriots will appear on the screens of television as the organization next to pick its first college recruit.

During his stay in the league, Bill Belichick has shown himself to be a flexible man to agree on pick exchanges, However, since Tom Brady’s departure, a player of immediate impact who can return the franchise to the first stages of the American Conference has not reached the ranks of New England.

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With the 14th overall pick, New England could again get a better business, taking into account that according to several specialiststhe class of 2023 is not characterized by gathering the greatest talent in a first round. With the best quarterbacks discarded due to the needs of other franchises at the top, the Patriots have no choice but to look to other positions.

Until the Aaron Rodgers trade was finalized, the Jets were a notch above the Patriots. With the need to fuel their offensive line, the Jets were almost certain to take a tackle, but now their position is held by Green Bay who appear to be looking for a wide receiver.

Rodgers’ move to the Big Apple It opens up the option for the Patriots to consider an offensive lineman as well.

Based on the depth the Patriots currently have, their greatest needs lie at three positions: offensive tackle, wide receiver and cornerback.

One of the top-rated tackles should be there to pick, with Broderick Jones of Georgia or Paris Johnson of Ohio State in the huddleno. Either would make sense for plugging a hole.

The cornerback Christian Gonzalez from the University of Oregon whose combination of size and athleticism should allow him immediate success in the NFL. The Patriots, as fans know, could always try to trade their pick if no player wins over Belichick.

Draft 2023

Round global selection Name and position University
1 no 14 Christian González (CB) Oregon
2 No. 46 Dawand Jones (OT) ohio state
3 No. 76 (From Carolina) AT Perry (WR) wake forest
4 No. 107 (Since LA Rams) Andre Carter (DE) military
4 #117 JL Skinner (S) Boise State
4 #135 Keondre Coburn (TD) Texas
6 #184 (From Las Vegas) Henry To’o To’o (LB) Alabama
6 No. 187 (From Carolina) Quindell Johnson (S) Memphis
6 #192 Jarrod Clark (DL) Coastal Carolina
6 no.210 Ricky Stromberg (S) arkansas
7 #245 Dontay Demus Jr (WR) Maryland

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