Neymar’s mysterious injury

Neymar He returns to his old ways and has been injured again in a somewhat ‘strange’ way and is going to miss the next Champions League game against him Red Bull Leipzig and I can’t possibly be with him either Paris Saint-Germain next Sunday before him Olympique de Marseille. The Parisian team has revealed that the player has arrived touched from this break by national teams and will not be able to be in the next official matches.

The PSG has announced that Neymar suffers some discomfort in the abductors that force him to stay out in the next calls since he is in a lot of pain. This is a very complicated and painful injury that requires a good recovery, however, the Parisian fans wonder how this injury occurred since the last training session (this morning) was completed normally and at no time He saw him limping or in discomfort. It was the Parisian coach himself, Mauricio Pochettino who confirmed the Brazilian’s withdrawal, “The game against Leipzig is lost.”

The fans put this injury under a magnifying glass

Lesions of Neymar at PSG they have given a lot to talk about in recent years since we have seen on other occasions how he was injured but then he was partying on his sister’s birthday, concerts, etc … and this is what the Parisian fans now fear. that, as we say, in training this morning I did not present any discomfort. In the statement of the French team they affirm that he has arrived touched from his stay with Brazil on the occasion of the qualification for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, which the Rio team beat Uruguay 4-1.

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