Neymar’s biggest ally returns to FC Barcelona

The Brazilian star is back in the pools this summer to join the Barca team

Like every summer, the Neymar name pops up in the market with great power Barcelona FC. But unlike other seasons, this time there are solid reasons to believe in the operation. Because PSG couldn’t prevent his departure and because he has a very strong partner in Can Barça.

Neymar’s possible signing raises many doubts at FC Barcelona. More than doubts, disagreements, because although there are critics, there are also those who support the arrival of the Brazilian. Let’s get down to basics. Xavi Hernández, Barcelona coach, is the one who has the most doubts about the Brazilian’s potential return. But all is not lost yet.

Neymar could return to Barca

Laporta, Neymar’s main partner at Barcelona

Because Joan Laporta is one of those in favor of seeing Neymar back as a Barca player. Laporta knows he needs encouragement and that despite all his struggles, the Brazilian is also a huge magnet for fans and sponsors. Besides, the circumstances can now be in Barça’s favour.

Basically because it’s not Neymar’s best time. Last season raised a lot of doubts at PSG and in France they are a bit tired of problems off the pitch. That is If Neymar wants to return to Barcelona, ​​he will have to lower his salary and adapt to the situation Culé’s team is in. And before that he cannot erect any obstacles.

Neymar was determined to return

As a matter of fact, They assure Neymar’s environment that he would have already agreed to a violent salary cut in order to adapt to financial fair play. In Xavi Hernández’s coaching staff, despite the fact that we have already said that the coach has many doubts, there are actually voices in favor of signing the Brazilian.

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They believe that Barcelona are the perfect environment to show their qualities and that with a little bit of tactical and especially mental work, they will be able to win back the best Neymar for two or three years.. The next few days will be crucial but Neymar’s record is wide open.

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