Home Sports Neymar is already causing problems at Al Hilal

Neymar is already causing problems at Al Hilal

Neymar is already causing problems at Al Hilal

Already on his first day in Saudi Arabia, Neymar is at the center of controversy. The Brazil striker, who recently joined Al-Hilal, has been attracting attention with an injury, his coach Jorge Jesus has revealed. The situation was exacerbated by Neymar’s call-up for September’s games against the Brazilian side, which caused unease among his new team.

“Neymar can do everything, he’s one of the best players in the world I’m sure if he’s in good physical condition. He came with a small injury, he still can’t train with the team. I don’t know when he can play,” Al Hilal coach Jorge Jesús revealed in a recent interview with the Saudi country’s media. Jorge Jesús wasn’t content with that as he also criticized the Brazilian FA’s decision to call up Neymar despite his physical condition.

The injury worries the club and the fans

The uncertainty about Neymar’s recovery and his participation in the next games has become the focus of the sports press’ attention. Jorge Jesús’ statements suggest that the player won’t be part of the squad anytime soon and the irritation towards the Brazilian FA is evident. The manager’s criticism also extended to Neymar’s call-up decision and questioned why an injured player was called up.

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