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News of ban on women at Kabul University turns out to be false

KABUL: The news that the new director of Kabul University in the Afghan capital has closed the entrance of teachers and female students in the campus for an indefinite period turned out to be false.

In this regard, the Taliban government and the Kabul University administration have completely rejected the news published in the New York Times and other major media outlets.

Kabul University administration has said that the university’s chancellor Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat has no Facebook or Twitter account.

The statement from Kabul University came as CNN, NPR and the Indian news agency ANI, including the New York Times, reported that the new chancellor of Kabul University had banned women from attending the university. Has applied

The organizations quoted Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat, the new chancellor appointed by the Taliban for Kabul University, as saying that unless women were provided with a full Islamic environment, they would not be allowed to come to the university and work. Islam first.

The statement from Kabul University further said, “Facebook and Twitter pages regarding Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat are fake. He has no Facebook or social media account.”

The statement added that the Kabul University website and Facebook page should be followed for information. The pro-Taliban Twitter account also denied the New York Times report, saying it was fake and that female staff and students were going to Kabul University.

A pro-Taliban Twitter account by the name of Mohammad Jalal wrote, “Kabul University’s female staff, faculty and students are going to university as usual.”

The New York Times must verify the information and look at the facts before publishing stories. It is difficult for some Afghan journalists working with the New York Times to remain neutral, which is against the rules.

The Taliban had appointed Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat as the dean of Kabul University, replacing Dr. Muhammad Usman Babri, a PhD doctor at Kabul University.

Following the appointment of Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat, Afghan university teachers called on the Taliban government to select professionals to head educational institutions.

According to sources, the new director of Kabul University, Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat, has only a BA degree.


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