Good morning! I hope you slept well and are ready to go back to school. Here’s all the news you missed and what to expect today.

Be careful when you go outside because it is quite foggy. There may be more sun in the afternoon. It will be between 4 and 8 degrees.

You may have missed this:

– The new government that started Monday will meet for the first time today to discuss the corona measures. At the moment there are many infections, but the crowds in hospitals are not too bad. There will be another press conference on Friday and it will become clear whether there will be relaxation or not.

– Real Madrid have won the first semi-final of the Super Cup. That is a small tournament for the best clubs in the world. Real Madrid played against rival FC Barcelona and won 3-2. Luuk de Jong scored one of the goals for FC Barcelona.

This is in the news today:

– It will be a difficult year for the Dutch police. There are far too few agents this year. The police is about 1400 officers short. The problem will not be solved until 2025. Then enough people have completed police training and can start working.

– In France, many teachers go on strike because they are angry with the French government. The teachers think that they are not well protected in the corona time. They want stricter rules in schools to prevent infections.

– For the first time a real Dutch series can be seen on TikTok: Outer Space. An exciting science fiction story about a crashed spaceship. Tonight you can see how the series is made and a preview in our broadcast.

And then this:

He’s finally where he needs to be: superyacht Galactica. The ship is 80 meters long and costs more than 100 million euros. Yesterday he arrived in a harbor in Friesland and we made this video about it:


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