Good morning! One more day of school and then it’s the weekend! Start your Friday right with this News alarm clock.

It’s going to be another gray day. Only people who live in the north of the Netherlands may be lucky. The sun can shine there during the afternoon.

You may have missed this:

– There is a lot of fuss about British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. For weeks, reports have been coming out that he had parties in his house in the middle of the corona time. A lot of people are outraged about that. Especially because the corona rules in Great Britain were very strict for a long time.

– The investigation into Max Verstappen’s championship race has begun. Motorsport experts will talk to the teams of Verstappen and Hamilton in the coming days. They will also check whether the safety car was fair. But whatever is decided, Max Verstappen will remain world champion.

-The British-Belgian Zara of 19 is almost done with a long journey. She wanted to fly around the world as the youngest woman ever. And we almost succeeded. On Monday she will return to Belgium, where her journey began. Here you can see a video of that.

We are curious if you like to travel!

This is in the news today:

– Sit at school for 24 hours to attend class. Maybe you shouldn’t think about it, but students from high school Canisius College do it. Not just like that: they want to raise as much money as possible for charity! Tonight you’ll see if she managed to stay awake for 24 hours.

– Tonight is the first press conference of the new government. It seems that the corona rules are becoming less strict. Shops, hairdressers and gyms can open again on Saturday. Students are allowed to go back to MBO, college and university. You can learn more about it in this video:

And then this:

What do you do if you see a dolphin caught in a fishing net? An agent from the United States did not hesitate for a moment and did everything to free the animal.


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