Newgarden survives the Indianapolis storm

Indianapolis 500 They experienced one of the strangest and most exciting finishes in recent years, with three red flags in the last 16 laps, two of them by the contenders and the front runner and a single-lap sprint. The first cancellation was caused by rosenqvist when I was second The second, in the resalida, for O’Ward when he was leading, another McLaren. And the last one happened by accident in the penultimate relaunched in the middle of the group that left the solution of the lawsuit to a lap that began leading the ganassi of ericsson after a review that gave him that privilege after overtaking newgarden in the last meters before the last red. In the last lap the Swede could not withstand the push of the Tennesseewho took better advantage of the slipstreams and then denied them with his Penske to have a well-deserved drink of milk. His first in Indianapolis. Behind, ferrucci and paloufourth, who survived a rude crash of veekay in the pits “It has been a difficult day for me and for the team. We had a fast car”, the Barcelonan was resigned at the finish line. It is not worth the consolation of being more of a leader in the championship.

The race started with honors for palou and with the winner from 17th place and it was long, as it was, more than three and a half hours of testing. The initial exchanges of position of the Spanish with Rinus Veekay (Ed Carpenter) they were within the normal range and more with the prevailing rhythm, pulling down. The tension rose over time and began with the first pit stops, which took place on lap 30. From there the Spaniard left as he entered, first.

After the first quarter of the race they continued veekay and palou exchanging position. Nothing significant, with what she was about to arrive. The second stop brought a new leader, the Mexican O’Ward, main rival of palou for the championship and with which he opens the most space now, and a higher pace for the relays in McLaren. This is how the equator was reached, with a tense calm before the perfect storm.

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Storm. The storm came suddenly, with a clap of thunder that left palou sunken. sting ray robb caused the first yellow in the 92nd and when the pits opened, everyone went inside. At the exit veekay clumsily and rudely hit palou Still on pit road. drive through for the Dutch And the Spaniard, with no apparent damage to the car, returned 25th to the race and to run against it. Launched and enraged he arrived palou to the third change, where there was another gruesome moment: a clash between the Andretti of Hertha and Grosjean before romain visit the wall on 150 and cause the second warning, from which the irreducible Palou came out seventh. The calculators blew up and the race was blown up later with three consecutive red flags. The grotesque Rosenqvist inaugurated, losing the car and Kirkwood swallowing it with 16 to go.

Then came a sprint race of eight laps to which he started palou sixth from behind, O’Ward, Ericsson, Newgarden, rossi and Ferruci. The storm did not stop, fueled by O’Ward going into the wall at the restart and causing the second red card. And they kept her Grahan Rahal and Benjamin Pedersen, which caused the third. The relaunch was given to a lap to which after revision Ericsson came out first after passing Newgarden before the last cancellation. The American recovered in the last meters of the last lap to leave one of the strangest and most exciting triumphs in recent times.

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