Newey sends a subliminal message

One week before the grand prix at Red Bull’s home, Adrian Newey is enjoying a vacation with his wife Amanda. Meanwhile, the Austrian team is concerned about its rivals closing in, while Newey’s future plans are unknown.

Rumors about his next project have been circulating, with a strong suggestion that he might join Ferrari, which aims to regain its position at the top of Formula 1. Newey has also been linked to Aston Martin, which reportedly has a new factory and a state-of-the-art wind tunnel.

Unbeknownst to his wife Amanda, Adrian Newey recently decided to send a humorous message addressing all the rumors about his future. The 65-year-old engineer uploaded a photo to his Instagram stories, where his wife quipped that he might retire. Adrian, donning a T-shirt that reads, “I’m really tired… I think I’m going home now,” was smiling, relaxed, and sipping a beer as he enjoyed his vacation.

At a loss for what his future might hold, Ferrari and Aston Martin await Newey’s decision. Ferrari, which has long sought the brilliant engineer, hopes to land him for their new project set to kick off in 2026. They would like to see him as a key figure, not only for his technical expertise but also for his ability to share the team with none other than Lewis Hamilton, another recent icon of the sport.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin, with its wind tunnel already available and impressive factory in Silverstone, aims to compete with the top teams, including Ferrari, Mercedes, and more. The Briton would be reunited with Fernando Alonso, whom he has praised many times. Despite uncertainty about his next move, it seems Newey is taking things easy at 65, having announced that he would be leaving Red Bull sometime in the future.

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