The Newcastle United He is determined to be one of the great entertainers on the market next summer and is going to make several renowned and very multimillion-dollar signings. Last winter we already began to see the hand of the new owner Muhammad Bin SalmanSince the club spent a huge amount of money to try to change the very poor situation they were in, now they will spend again, but to try to complete a dream squad.

According to accountFootball Transfers‘, the new target of the ‘magpies’ is Ismaila Sarr, a current Watford player, who has been leaving for the last two seasons. To get the signing of him, Newcastle will have to put a good handful of millions on Watford’s table in order to convince them, in fact, there is talk of an operation close to 50 million euros. The Senegalese footballer is asking for a change of scenery in order to compete in a bigger club and has undoubtedly become one of the goals of the black and white team.

Willing to hear offers

Ismailia Sarr He has been performing at a high level for several seasons at Watford and being one of the club’s great references in attack, but it seems that they could be willing to listen to offers for him from Newcastle United. In the summer of 2019 they paid about 30 million euros to Rennes for his services and they would not see bad eyes entering about 50 ‘kilos’ for him during the next summer since they would have enjoyed the player’s goals and on top of that they would earn money to reinforce their template with collateral men.


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