Newcastle pushes RCD Mallorca to sign Kang In Lee after the World Cup

Despite not being a starter in the South Korean team, the Magpies have been delighted with the game and the technique of the former Valencia, who every time he jumps off the pitch changes the outlook for his team

By left, by right or by the center, in any place that they put to kang in lee yield and newcastle he is convinced of that. The task of the sports management of the English team is to watch each match of the World Cup Qatar 2022 and write down information on players who can potentially help in Eddie Howe’s tactical scheme.

The South Korean is the precise player that the English coach is needing to take charge of the attack from the right zone. Though kang in lee He does better on the left, his versatile qualities make him suitable for both flanks and even for playing as a midfielder. He is a very complete player and Dan Ashworth (sports director of the newcastle) he knows.

Kang In Lee Newcastle
Kang In Lee has only started against Portugal, coincidentally the only game where South Korea has won in this World Cup.

The modification in the clause of Kang In Lee leaves Newcastle one step away from signing him

Before the player joined the RCD Mallorca squad, his clause was 80 million euros, set by Valencia CF. As his contract ended at the Che club and he arrived at the Bermellón entity for free, there he signed a new contract where they set a clause of just 17 kilos.

For a team like Newcastle, whose coffers are overflowing thanks to Arab investors, 17 million euros for a player like Kang In Lee is a real bargain. It is almost a fact that the Magpies will take the player once the winter market opens, and the Mallorcan team will not be able to do anything. Although they will have 17 more kilos in their bank accounts for an investment of 0 euros.

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Regardless of what South Korea does in Qatar 2022, Kang In Lee will cost 17 kilos

The South Korean team has qualified for the round of 16 of the World Cup in an agonizing way, with a goal from Hwang Hee-Chan in the last minutes. This gave them an advantage over Uruguay who also won their last match. In that match against Portugal, the Mallorca attacking midfielder started, and the truth is that he played very well.

Regardless of how they continue to advance in this World Cup edition, Kang In Lee will have the same price for Newcastle, 17 kilos. In this way, the Balearic club has secured good money for an investment that initially cost nothing. However, for Javier Aguirre it has been bad news since he will lose a main axis in his attacking midfield.

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