In the Newcastle University had a 9% drop in foreign postgraduates in 2009. Without really understanding the reasons, some analysts began an investigation that led them to a unanimous conclusion: Newcastle’s relegation from the Premier League had taken many of its young immigrants by the hand, an unequivocal example of the iron connection that exists between the football club and the city’s economy.

That was the first of the two times that the magpies stepped on the second division hand in hand with Mike ashley –The other, in the 2016/17 season, also went up on the first attempt with Rafa Benitez on the bench–, which last week sold the club being in the penultimate position of the standings without having won in the first seven days.

A sold-out crowd is expected when Newcastle host Tottenham at St. James’ Park this Sunday.: downhill, without winning, but surrounded by all his fans. A new era begins. Fans in the northeast of England have welcomed the news of the purchase of 80% of the shares by PIF, in Saudi hands.

In the official stadium store they have seen first-hand the impact of Newcastle’s new reality. In just a few days, the usual merchandising sales have tripled and they have requested extra material to face the weekend.

The women’s size M of the home kit is completely sold out. In addition, they fear for the availability of men’s large sizes, which group up to 4XL and 5XL on the same counter. Its prominence is not less on a match day where it is expected to fill the capacity of the store: the northwest of England is the region with the highest overweight in the country, reaching 68%.

No signings. One of the news froml Chronicle Live, the local Newcastle newspaper, pointed out this week that the return of jonjo shelvey He is getting closer and closer and that in his work to recover from the injury he has used a nutritionist who has helped him in the process. Shelvey’s is perhaps the only name in the current squad that has managed to sneak into a headline in the media.

For a few days everything is possible coaches, possible signings and many, many millions available to invest from the next winter market. The list is extensive and all the names have one thing in common: there is no certainty. Steve Bruce, current manager, does not have his position guaranteedor for the weekend and everything indicates that he will stay with honey on his lips and with 999 matches directed at the highest level.

In Newcastle, a city closely linked to its football club, there is so much joy about Ashley’s departure that despite being in decline they have already sold outor, two weeks away, tickets to visit the Crystal palace October 23: no more and no less than 2,800 fans at home. The illusion shot up.


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