New Zealand Prime Minister interrupted by daughter live

” Mom ? “. While announcing an easing of restrictions intended to fight against the coronavirus, this Monday live on Facebook, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, was interrupted by her little girl.

In a ritual familiar across the world, Neve, the leader’s three-year-old daughter, decided that everything, even affairs of state, could wait.

“It was a failure, wasn’t it”

“You’re supposed to be in bed, sweetheart,” the 41-year-old leader said, interrupting the subject on her Facebook live stream. “No,” replied the little girl without being discouraged, entering into prolonged and fruitless negotiations for Jacinda Ardern. “It’s time for sleep, honey, go back to bed.” I’ll come see you in a second. I’ll come see you in a minute. Ok, – sorry, everyone, ”said the head of government with a smirk.

“Well, that was a failure, wasn’t it,” she sighed from behind her screen. “I told myself that it was the right time to do a Facebook Live, that it would be good and safe. Anyone else have kids who run away three or four times after bedtime? Luckily my mom is here so she can help. “

“Why is it so long?” “

“Ok, where were we? Then tried to pursue Jacinda Ardern. But the little voice was heard again: “Why is it so long?” “” I’m sorry, my dear, it’s very long. Ok. I’m sorry, everyone. I’ll go put Neve back to bed. Because it’s long after bedtime. Thanks for joining me. “

While it’s not as theatrical as the moment analyst Robert Kelly’s children interrupted his live BBC interview in 2017, it’s not the first time Neve has stolen the show. In 2018, Jacinda Ardern became the second Prime Minister in the world, after Pakistani Benazir Bhutto, to give birth during her tenure, then taking Neve to the United Nations Assembly in New York.

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