New York’s 50-year record for no snowfall has been broken

New York: The 50-year record of no snowfall in the winter season was broken in the American city of New York.

According to American media, New York City is waiting for its first snowfall this winter, but the wait has gotten longer, with no signs of stopping.

New York broke the record for the longest wait for its first snowfall of the winter on Monday, according to reports, with no snow expected for the next several days.

Earlier in the day, Manhattan’s Times Square and Central Park were covered in snow, usually beginning in mid-December, and New Yorkers have never had to wait so long, according to AFP. .

Remember that in the winter of 1972-73, New York didn’t get snow until January 29th, but eventually 1.8 inches of snow blanketed the city, but now it’s January 31st in 2023 and the countdown continues.

Also in jeopardy is another record for the longest period of no snow, with the passing of Jan. 29 meaning the period is now the longest since 1869, according to the National Weather Service.

The city is also close to the record for consecutive days without snow in winter, at 332 days, with Monday’s being the 327th.

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