Home World New wave of drone strikes against Moscow

New wave of drone strikes against Moscow

New wave of drone strikes against Moscow

Moscow is again threatening the threat of drones over its skies. This morning Two drones were shot down in the Russian capitalas reported by the Russian authorities.

It’s a new wave of drones against Moscow that took place this summer. The mayor of the Russian capital Sergei Sobyanin, stated on his Telegram channel that “both (drones) were shot down by Russian air defenses”. According to the Moscow Times, one of the drones was shot down in the Domodedovo region, on the southern outskirts of Moscow. The second drone was shot down in the area of ​​the Minsk M-1 highway west of the city.

That added the Moscow mayor for the time being There is no information about the victims due to falling debris after demolition. However, he noted that rescue workers had been dispatched to both areas.

Less than ten days ago, a drone strike damaged two floors of a large skyscraper in Moscow’s financial district. The next day, on August 1, there was another attack on the 21st floor of the same block known as “Moscow City”.

Today, although Russia again insists that Ukrainian forces were behind these attacks, Kiev does not take direct responsibility for this wave of drone strikes against Moscow.

According to Europa Press, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced that air defense systems shot down two unmanned aerial vehicles in an attempt “of the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack” over the territory of the Moscow region without any reported casualties or damage.

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