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New vulnerability discovered in Google Chrome. Update now!

Google this week released a new update for Google Chrome that all users should install immediately. Among the novelties it brings is the correction of a new vulnerability that affects this popular browser.

This security flaw has not only been classified as high risk, but has been actively exploited by hackers aware of its existence. Just good reasons to check if your Google Chrome is up to date.

Google Chrome suffers a security flaw considered high risk

The latest update available for Chrome brings the popular browser to its version 104.0.5112.102 on Windows macOS and Linux users will be rewarded with the build 104.0.5112.101.

Google Chrome

The patch notes for these updates include fixes for 11 known vulnerabilities to Google engineers. With various severity levels, these range from “medium” to “critical”.

The one that generates the most concern is the vulnerability CVE-2022-2856Therefore, a call is launched for all Google Chrome users to install the latest version. According to Google itself, this is a problem that hackers have actively exploited.

However, Google declined to explain the compromises caused by this vulnerability. It does so in order to protect its users, preventing malicious people from taking advantage of this security flaw.

Although we do not have official information, it is speculated that this vulnerability allows the execution of malicious code on a third party’s computer. In this way, the hackers can collect considerable confidential information for the victims.

If you have Google Chrome up to date, then there is no reason to fear the effects of this vulnerability. Keeping your programs up to date is the best way to prevent the theft of confidential information and other relevant data.

To find out if Google Chrome is up to date, go to Settings – Help – About Google Chrome. If a new version is available, it will be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.

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