According to the manufacturer, the new version of the Teufels Boomster should provide a more powerful volume, a longer playing time and even a better sound than its predecessor. In addition to the aforementioned improvements, the bluetooth speaker is now splash-proof as well.

The Boomster, introduced at the end of 2014, has a great subwoofer as a trademark and this one is never missing again. This bass driver is now additionally amplified for the first time by two passive bass membranes. The presence of the also new Dynamore technology should also contribute to a clearly audible stereo panorama.

In addition to analog and digital radio reception, the new Boomster also offers the option of connecting two smartphones at the same time. And when you meet a fellow speaker, the two Boomsters can be linked, creating a stereo system.

Features at a glance:

The new Boomster is available for € 369.99.



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