New stick to Carlos Sainz and Ferrari before the Monaco GP

Spanish Formula 1 driver sustains injury during annual charity match sparks consternation as next grand prix is ​​close

The world of Formula 1 was holding its breath after Carlos Sainz, star driver of Ferrarisuffered an injury playing in a charity football match before the Monaco Grand Prix. The concern was palpable, since the first images showed Sainz with his right thigh bandaged, which set off alarms about his possible participation in the Monte Carlo race.

Fortunately, the news about his fitness is positive. Despite the initial alarm, the injury to Carlos Sainz it turned out to be just a bruise on the thigh. F1 journalist Giuliano Duchessa confirmed there was “no definitive information” on the 28-year-old driver’s injury, but hours later he revealed in a tweet: “Luckily it was just a concussion for Carlos. Everything seems fine”. The sigh of relief was almost audible in the racing world.

Carlos Sainz prepares for the Monaco GP

The charity football match and its repercussions in F1

The party in which Sainz got injured is an annual event organized by the Children Sports Association. This act brings together F1 drivers and staff to compete against a team of ‘stars’ in a football match, as well as other world-renowned athletes. However, the night was not a pleasant one for the Ferrari drivers, due to several altercations.

Not only Sainz was injured, but there were also viral images of Charles Leclerc, Sainz’s teammate, falling face-first to the grass 90 seconds into the match. These images have soon traveled the social networks, creating consternation among the followers due to the possible delays that it may bring to the pilots for the next grand prix.

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Leclerc and his failed goal attempts in the charity match

Leclerc had a couple of goal chances during the match, even one created by Sainz. However, the Monegasque driver failed to get past the goalkeeper on either occasion, despite all he had to do was get around him. It was a night of misfortune for the Ferrari teammates, but there was also consolation: the drivers’ team took a 4-3 victory.

Despite initial scares and injuries, it appears that Carlos Sainz is ready to assume his role at the Monaco Grand Prix. With an injury that turned out to be a bruise rather than something more serious, Sainz is expected to sit in the driver’s seat once again, challenging the Monte Carlo track and his rivals. In the meantime, Ferrari, and especially its loyal fan base, will be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their star driver will be behind the wheel of one of the most iconic races on the Formula 1 calendar.

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