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New star on his way to the Miami Heat at the request of Jimmy Butler

The playoffs that Jimmy Butler has completed leading the Miami Heat to a new NBA Finals are up to only a select few, but it has not been enough to get the ring

one more season, to Jimmy Butler the champion ring has escaped with Miami Heat. The Houston forward has done everything in his power to lead the team to a championship despite starting from eighth in the Eastern Conference. But it has not been enough, since they have been three victories away from winning the final against the Denver Nuggets who have hardly given them any options.

Be that as it may, the work that Spoelstra’s men have done in these playoffs has been to take the hat off. They have shown that they have everything they need to compete face to face with the best teams in the NBA, although for the moment they have not taken the definitive step to achieve the championship. A championship that is close to them, so Butler has asked the Miami Heat for the arrival of a new star.

Butler asks Miami Heat for a new star
Loss to Denver Nuggets will spark movement in Miami Heat

Butler asks for more help from Miami Heat

In these playoffs, Jimmy Butler’s great allies have been Adebayo and Gabe Vincent. Both players are not considered, far from it, among the best in the entire NBA. That is why, on paper, there is a lot of room for improvement. But not only in them, but also in other players like Herro or Lowry, who account for a large part of the team’s salary mass.

Thus, everything seems to indicate that this summer could produce a great transfer. And it is that Pat Riley knows she’s just one move away from adding a new ring to their windows. That is why it has already drawn up a road map for summer. A road map to which Jimmy Butler, the head of the locker room, would have given the go-ahead.

The star the Heat want in summer

As we have seen in recent weeks, Miami Heat favorite is Damian Lillard. A player who, due to his personality and playing characteristics, fits perfectly into Spoelstra’s system. However, it’s a really complicated operation and it doesn’t seem like the Portland Trail Blazers want to lose their franchise player.

That’s why they’ve set their sights on Bradley Beal, a player who already played at the University of Florida and also a perfect fit. Plus, he’s a pure scorer, something they crave at outside positions. Of course, in exchange they could lose a young talent like Tyler Herro, but in exchange Miami Heat would add a player who would complement Jimmy Butler and Adebayo perfectly.

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