The success of the apprenticeship cannot be denied. Emmanuel Macron greeted, this Wednesday, January 12, “the exceptional figures” of apprenticeship, which broke “a historic record” in 2021 with some 700,000 contracts, after the reform of 2018 which “is the archetype of what we must do “. Addressing a hundred bakers, pastry chefs and the best workers in France gathered for the traditional “Epiphany galette” at the Elysee Palace, the Head of State also paid tribute to “humble, silent France, work ”,“ this silent France that we hear so little about because it gets up early to work ”.

In his speech, Emmanuel Macron, quasi-candidate for a new term, also defended the record of the five-year term in terms of business creation, with “final results” in 2021, year during which “nearly a million ‘businesses were created’, but also learning. “The figures for 2021 are simply exceptional. We should exceed the 700,000 young people who have signed a contract,” he said. By way of comparison, in 2020, 495,000 apprenticeship contracts were concluded in the private sector.

“We can go much further”, he added, affirming his will to “go further in the reform of vocational education”. Entered into force in 2018, the apprenticeship reform “is the archetype of the reforms that we must make”, according to him. “Let’s simplify and trust” the professional branches, he said. Accessible to young people aged 16 to 29, apprenticeship is based on the principle of alternating between theoretical education and vocational training with the employer with whom the apprentice has signed his contract.


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