New Norfolk Southern train derailment in USA

Another Norfolk Southern company train derailed in the United States weeks after the media accident of one of its railways that transported toxic products in East Palestine (Ohio).

On Thursday morning, a freight train from the US company derailed in White Plains, Alabama, with no injuries or hazardous spills reported.

The company itself assured in a statement after the derailment that the event did not present a risk to the public, since the train did not carry hazardous materials. It is the third derailment of the company in the last month, according to the US network ABC.

The accident took place a few hours before the president of the company, Alan Shaw, who apologized for the incident in East Palestine and promised to "Finish the job" in the area affected by the spill.

On February 3, a company train that was transporting toxic material in some wagons suffered a spectacular accident in the small town of Ohio.

Although the US government insists that there is no longer any danger in the area, the matter is being used by Republicans to criticize the federal government for the consequences of what happened.

Given these criticisms, the Executive announced that it would deploy a team of doctors and toxicologists to carry out public health tests in the affected area.

Since the fires were extinguished on February 8, air and water monitoring have not detected any level of community health concern attributed to the train derailment.


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