New Nicaraguan banknote could be identified by the blind by integrating braille

The Central Bank of Nicaragua put into circulation this Tuesday a new bill of 500 córdobas, the national currency, which includes an element in Braille so that it can be identified by the blind.

The new 500 córdobas bill (about $13.75) contains improvements compared to the current one "with the purpose of keeping in good condition the banknotes that are at the service of the Nicaraguan population"indicated the issuing bank of the State, in a public statement.

"The 500 córdobas bill maintains the same design and security measures for polymer banknotes currently in circulation. The improvement consists in incorporating a tactile element that facilitates identification for the visually impaired"explained the entity.

The tactile element is made up of 24 points located in four columns of 6 points each, which are located in the lower right part of the obverse, and in the lower left part of the reverse of the bill, he specified.

On the other hand, the Central Bank indicated "that the 500 córdobas bills currently in circulation retain their release valueand that they will continue to circulate together with these new banknotes until they are replaced, gradually, according to their deterioration".

In Nicaragua, The entire banknote family is printed on a polymer substrate.

The 500 and 1,000 córdobas bills (about $13.75 and $27.5, respectively) currently in circulation, are printed on a cotton paper substrate, retain their value and continue to circulate alongside banknotes printed on a polymer substrate, until be withdrawn gradually, according to their deterioration, according to the information.

The 500 córdobas bill is red in color and the design highlights the León Cathedral on the obverse and the Momotombo volcano on the reverse. The new format only includes a tactile element that facilitates identification for the visually impaired.

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Seven different bill denominations circulate in the Nicaraguan economy: 10 (0.28 dollars), 20 (0.55 dollars), 50 (1.38 dollars), 100 (2.75 dollars), 200 (5.5 dollars ), 500 ($13.75) and 1,000 córdobas ($27.5).


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