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New Netanyahu plan promotes settlements

New Netanyahu plan promotes settlements

Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu, whose government will take office on Thursday, presented a program on Wednesday that emphasizes settlement expansion in the West Bank.

“The Jewish people have an exclusive and inalienable right in all parts of the land of Israel. The government will promote and develop settlements in all parts of the land of Israel – in the Galilee, in the Negev, in the Golan, in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank),” Netanyahu’s Likud party, which won, said in a statement. together with their ultra-Orthodox and far-right allies the legislative elections on November 1.

The communiqué also refers to the requests of the far-right parties of the coalition to give the security forces a greater margin of maneuver in the use of force in the occupied West Bank.

“The government will make an effort to strengthen the security forces and support the combatants and the police to combat and defeat terrorism,” the document states. Finally, the Likud mentions religious issues, stating that “the status quo in matters of religion and state will remain as it has been for decades in Israel, even with regard to holy places.”

Netanyahu also announced the appointment of Yoav Galant as defense minister, it said.

Galant, 64, a former general, has held various ministerial posts in various Netanyahu governments, with whom he is closely linked in Likud.

Born in 1958 in Israel, this son of Polish Jewish Holocaust survivors had a long career in the military, earning the rank of general in 2002.

Officer in an elite unit and then commander of the military division that controlled the Gaza Strip in the late 1990s, later commander-in-chief of the southern region, especially at the time of Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from that enclave Palestinian in 2005.

Bezalel Smotrich, leader of the far-right Religious Zionism formation, will be the future minister in charge of civil affairs in the occupied West Bank.

The Likud also indicated that it plans to appoint Amir Ohana, the first openly gay deputy, as the new speaker of Parliament.

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