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New monument in homage to Maradona

New monument in homage to Maradona

A thirteen-meter-high monument in honor of Diego Armando Maradona (1960-2020) will be discovered next Saturday in the resort town of Santa Clara del Mar, coinciding with the birthday of the late soccer star.

With the presence of Alejandro Apo and Víctor Hugo Morales, among other figures, the tribute and discovery of the work donated by the plastic artist Sebastián Martino will be held, which will be in the main square of the seaside resort and will be seen from the beach.

The monument is entitled “My beloved” and represents the historical portrait of the best soccer player in history playing games with the ball on his head. Although he is used to working on a large scale, Martino had to summon specialists to collaborate with the monument such as architects, engineers, a construction company and a metallurgical company.

The piece in honor of the deceased soccer player and coach is made with various materials: steel for the face, stainless steel tubes for the ball and concrete for the monolith that supports it.

“In March I presented the first sketches and they were accepted. Then came a process of months of pre-production with the different areas involved and finally we started with the work in particular. It was an incredible adventure. An emotion that is released on the day that Maradona would turn 61 years, “said the artist.


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